Saturday, October 27, 2007

Blast Furnace

The most efficient ore-processing machine in RuneScape is how the Blast Furnace is described by Jagex. This is instantly appealing to all people who enjoy the smithing skill, although a lot of effort is required to fully reap the benefits of this mini game.

Obviously, the blast furnace mini game is a member only game. The main benefit is that is uses half the amount of coal normally required when smelting ores in the traditional way. You will need to have started The Giant Dwarf quest to access the city of Keldagrim, where the mini game takes place.

All players working together on the furnace will receive some smithing experience in addition to other experience for performing the respective job.

A brief outline:
1. Speak to the foreman to find out about the jobs required in order to make the blast furnace work correctly. All jobs need to be performed correctly in order to use the furnace.

2. Furnace Stoker - Level 30 firemaking required to keep the furnace lit. The person will need to use a spade with the coke holder and then hit the refuel stove button. Stoking the furnace once gives 5 firemaking experience.

3. Heat Pump Operator - Level 30 strength is required to pump the heated air between the stove and the furnace. Whoever is reading the gauge should instruct the heat pump operator when to pump and when to relax. Food should be in your inventory as damage can be taken if overheated.

4. Conveyor belt operator - 30 agility required to operate this. A small amount of agility experience is gained every 30 seconds or for every percent of energy used. Energy or super energy potions can be used while operating the conveyor belt and this will help prolong your time here. The conveyor belt transports the ores to be smelted.

5. Gauge Reader - Simply needs to communicate to the correct person what is required. It may be something needs repaired or more heat needs to be pumped into the system.

6. Repairman - Level 30 crafting is required as a repairman. 50 crafting experience is given each time a repair is carried out. More than one mechanic is suggested as the furnace may break down a lot - and it is essential the furnace remains in full working order for people to get smelting their ores.

7. Cool down bars using a bucket of water.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Fishing Trawler Mini Game

The fishing trawler mini game has been about for some time now on runescape. However, Jagex have made some improvements to it since it was first released and now mantra ray and sea turtles are easier to catch - although a team of people is still required.

The basic overview of the trawler fishing game is to work together as a team, ensuring that you don't sink and catch as many fish as you can. The longer you keep the boat from sinking, the more fish will be caught.

At the end all the fish are divided up among the people who helped keep it afloat.

The basic method on how to play the fishing trawler is:

  • Use rope to repair the trawlers net
  • Use swamp paste to repair leaks in the trawlers hull
  • Use buckets to bail out water if all else fails
A further, more detailed guide to the fishing trawler is available at numerous fan sites. The guide I looked at was the runecrypt fishing trawler guide.

Monday, April 30, 2007

Runescape Barbarian Assault

Barbarian Assault mini game in runescape is another team focussed game Jagex introduced as a means of appeasing groups of people who enjoy playing the game together. I am not sure if it is how Jagex will handle all future requests for runescape clan support, although given they have had several requests over the years and so far no strong clan support features have been implemented, it stands to reason that group games are likely to be as much as Jagex will do for bringing clan support into runescape.

The barbarian assault has various roles that need filled by each team member:

  • Attacker Role
  • Defender Role
  • Healer Role
  • Collector Role
Attacker Role Outlined:
The attacker will rely on the collector for information on which style of fighting should be used to successfully defeat the Penance. The role simply requires the attacker to slay the Penance using the correct method given to them by the collector.

Defender Role Outlined:
The defender aim is to eliminate Penance runners by luring them on to traps at the east and west side of the assault cavern. The defender will be told what food is needed for bait by the healer as well as having to repair traps when required.

Healer Role Outlined:
The role of the healer in the barbarian assault mini game on runescape is a duel role. The first role is to ensure that nobody dies from their team and secondly to poison the Penance healers. The healer should also communicate with the defender by using their horn to relay the required information to enable the defender to eliminate Penance runners effectively.

Collector Role Outlined:
The collector on the runescape barbarian assault mini game performs the role of collecting eggs left by the Penance as they are slain. The attacker should communicate with the collector to ensure the correct eggs are collected up as well as telling the attacker what method of attack is required for each Penance.

As players reach the 10th wave, they will face the Penance Queen. The egg launcher loaded with Omega Eggs should be used. Healers will be required as the Queen can do large amounts of damage. At least one level 5 healer is suggested.


To get your rewards for playing the game, talk to Commander Connad and select 'get-rewards'. Here will be a list of the things that you can achieve with your 'honour points'. Honour Points are rewarded at the end of each wave. The more effort you and your team puts into the game, the more honour points you and your team will receive.

Levels can be gained by trading in the honour points in exchange for better levels. This will enable a team to become more effective as they gain experience and it will lead to defeating the queen with more ease.

In addition to levels, there are various pieces of armour available as well that also cost points. Again this will help improve the overall efficiency of the team as they become more experienced.


It is also possible to gamble your points. You can win anything - from bronze arrows to a dragon chainmail (which is extremely rare).

  • Low item gamble - 200 points
  • Medium item gamble - 400 points
  • High item gamble - 500 points and Kill Queen
Overall, the barbarian assault mini game in runescape is just OK in my opinion. There are many things that could be done to improve it or extend it. Hopefully Jagex do consider clan support rather than only adding additional mini games as team mini games can become very limiting for players who struggle to get specific numbers of friends online at the same time and want to take part in the game.

On top of that, there is no need to make mini games have any degree of complexity. It would be good for more mini games to reward specific skill experience that reduced the time required to raise levels. However, if Jagex are intent on increasing and expanding the playability of runescape, they are simply looking at introducing more mini games that will try and tempt players away from levelling skills in order to prolong that players lifetime objective of achieving maximum skill levels.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Runescape TzHaar Fight Cave

The Tzhaar Fight Cave mini game in runescape has been a good introduction as far as many people are concerned. However, it has its frustrastions in the sense of the amount of time it can take people to claim the highly desired Flame Cape.

The Flame Cape is not the only reward as Tokkul will be given out for any failed attempts at claiming the cape or for any subsequent success of defeating TzTok-Jad. There are some tricks to being able to defeat TzTok-Jad and make the game a little bit easier, although I have never really bothered with doing this mini game apart from when it was initially introduced into the game.

I have researched on some strategies but never quite found the time to tackle it as I do not play runescape for the pixels, I simply play it when I have a few moments of spare time. In this case, I feel that too much time may be needed for me to be successful - as friends informed me it can take over 1 hour to reach TzTok-Jad.

Anyway, some basic tips for those players who feel up to this runescape challenge:

  • Play with the sound on to hear attack style changes
  • Prayer pots will be required
  • Watch out for the healers undoing your work
  • If fighting TzTok-Jad in melee ALWAYS have prayer on for his melee attacks
In essence, this runescape mini game is a test of endurance as each wave of monster gradually gets stronger the longer you survive. It is definately a test of skill to survive and then defeat TzTok-Jad. It is possible to achieve this at low levels. I have seen a level 41 with a Fire Cape and since the capes are not tradeable, it means he managed to defeat TzTok-Jad. However, I do not know how many attempts were taken and the exact strategy used to achieve the feat.

Players who complete this mini game can have some sense of achievement as it will normally involve several attempts before you find a strategy that works for you. All I can say is good luck in your adventures and hopefully one day I will find the time to get my own Fire Cape.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Tears of Guthix

Runescape mini game Tears of Guthix is a game that can help players gradually build up some experience in their least preferred skill. Well, I say least preferred as it is generally the lowest skill is a persons least preferred. In truth then, the tears of guthix mini game will enable players to earn some experience in their lowest skill.

Players wishing to do this mini game will have to complete the tears of guthix quest. The bowl that is made will be kept by Juna, so players do not need to remake it - maybe Jagex seeing some sense here as players would likely be very unwilling to make the bowl each week.

Anyway, Jagex have introduced this mini game as more a reward for players who are active in runescape. I say this due to the fact there are some requirements needed for people to be able to take part in the game weekly.

The requirements:

  • 100k experience earned during the week
  • or a new quest completed during the week
Juna will prevent players from entering if they have not met the requirements. Consequently tears of guthix is aimed at rewarding those players who generally work on their accounts regularly.

The simple objective in tears of guthix is to collect tears in a bowl. The tears will be collected from the blue streams - as any tears collected from the green stream will reduce the total number in the bowl. All players will have a time limit imposed on them and the streams can randomly switch between blue and green. So be attentive to get maximum results.

The time limit is closely related to the number of quest points you have - the more quest points in total, the more time you can spend in the cave each week. Although it doesn't help with the random changes in stream colours.

Overall, the reward for collecting tears in this runescape mini game will directly reward players with experience in their lowest skill (provided that skill is at least level 30). Each tear collected translates into 60 experience points - so 10 tears is equal to 600 experience. It isn't much - but over time it can add up, especially on a skill that you don't like training up much anyway. It can get you to a better skill level that you may then be able to do something in it that you enjoy.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Runescape Gnome Ball

Runescape Gnome Ball is one of the earlier mini games that Jagex introduced to runescape. It has some basic rules and is member only. The game itself will reward players by increasing their range and agility skills. However, it is only a very minimum amount of experience and shouldn't be considered a good way to train. It can be fun though, when played with a friend anywhere in the game.

The basic rules of Gnome Ball are explained by the game referee. He will also explain how to play the game. These rules are:

  • Throw the ball into the net at the opposite side of the field
  • Dodge gnomes trying to tackle you
  • Scores can be seen in the box at the top right of the game
  • Scoring a goal will give some range and agility experience
  • You need 5 goals to win and leave the game field
Overall, the rules are pretty simple and players should note they need their hands free so cannot take any weapons or items like flowers that are held.

The game will start when you are in possession of the gnomeball and you will have 3 options to decide what to do:
  • Pass - can pass to team mates in green
  • Tackle - can tackle opponents (other gnomes)
  • Shoot - you will try to score when choosing this option
The simple objective is running to the other end and shooting. However, gnomes will try and tackle you - so be on the boil and don't let them tackle all the time. This runescape mini game can be fun for a while but there is little reward and is seldom played. At one stage there was a gnomeball league - but I haven't read anything recently and don't know whether it still exists.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Runescape Barrows

The runescape barrows mini game has proven to be one of the better games introduced by Jagex. The initial popularity of barrows may have subsided a bit, however, many experienced players still actively do barrow runs to help pass their game playing time.

Their are many different strategies that can be used while doing barrow runs. Many people will find that most strategies are useful and they will naturally find themselves being drawn into a combination of methods - in effect making their own strategy.

Some tips for barrows should always be heeded. This will help players make more efficient use of their time - and therefore enable them to get doing more runs and potentially receiving the desired barrows item as a reward.

Some requirements and strong suggestions are:

  • Must have completed the Priest in Peril Quest
  • Should have started the Nature Spirit Quest
  • Should have 43 prayer
  • Combat level of 70 or higher
  • Magic level of 53 or higher
  • Range level of 50 or higher
In addition to this, in order for runescape members to be able to travel efficiently, additional quests should be completed. These quests are:
  • In Search of the Myreque
  • Ghost Ahoy
  • Desert Treasure Quest
If any player meets all the above requirements and suggestions, they should also consider having the resources required to do plenty of barrow runs ie. 500k+ coins, plenty of food, sufficient runes or arrows etc.

Rewards can be considerable if you get lucky and regularly pick up actual barrow items. However, be prepared to get a lot of runes stocking up if you barrow run often. The following list gives an example of some of the items players can expect to receive:
  • Mind, Chaos, Death or Blood runes
  • Cash
  • Bolt Racks
  • Half Key
  • Dragon Medium Helmet
  • Barrows Items
Overall, popularity of this mini game has dampened somewhat as the price of items has dropped over time. Although plenty of people still make a considerable amount of virtual wealth through regularly doing runescape barrows. It is one of the few mini games that players still seek to find out more information on and whether or not any cheat exists for it. I will say that no cheat exists but there are plenty of ways to help improve efficiency in doing the runs that can vastly improve overall chances of gaining more items.